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For the last thirty years, numerous brands found their origin in Los Angeles, from Guess to BCBG Max Azria. However, none of these brands has a founder who was a musician before to turn CEO.

In 2007, Jimmy Sommers with his partner Kimberley Gordon started a knitwear brand of vintage-inspired women targeting the young modern market. The two partners found themselves reformers in the digital marketing era.

In just few years, the reputation of the line for iconic campaigns and soft clothes gained the support from the likes of many celebrities such as Ron Herman, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and many others.

Jimmy Sommers Wildfox is a musician with 6 CDs out who decided to venture in other fields. Since he plays saxophone, it was hard to be a musician and decided to do something else. He opened a sushi restaurant named Koi that went well since Los Angeles is full of celebrities.

He met two girls who suggested him to start a line of t-shirt. He started working with them by making a line of t-shirt. They wanted to make the t-shirt with a soft material and in over seven years the brand wildfox evolved in various categories. For now, the brand is targeting only women. He explained the reason since men do not shop and wear the same clothes again and again while girls always want something knew.

Jimmy Sommers Wildfox reveals that the brand includes also scarves, in house, and sunglasses. He collaborated also with Jeffrey Campbell for some shoes and this year, the brand will include hats. For the upcoming summer, Jimmy Sommers reveals that they will launch perfume.

The CEO revealed that one of the key of the brand’s success is the digital marketing. The company is in close contact with some artists and hires skilled photographers who make beautiful look stories and books. The objective of Jimmy Sommers Wildfox is keeping the brand flawless by making the right deals. He revealed that they got many tips from movies.

As a CEO, JimmySommers plays a major role when it comes to marketing instead of approving just the budget. This is in order to make sure that things are being done reasonably for getting great pictures. It was hard for them to enter the trade shows since people knew him just as a musician.

He attended a show of Victoria’s secret with his friend and met one of the leading models who agreed to try some of the Wildfox shirts on her and let he taking some pictures. The model was Alessandra Ambrosio and since she was a celebrity, she attracted attention on the brand.

The smart CEO plans to expand in bags or shoes and the company is doing an exclusive double months with Bloomingdale’s in order to launch the perfume by the following Christmas. Each year, Jimmy Sommers Wildfox is expanding and trying to enter new exciting markets and for this year, the CEO did some stores including Los Angeles and planning to do one in Miami, New York, and Malibu. 
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