Saturday, 18 April 2015

Jimmy Sommers

Who is Jimmy Sommers:

Jimmy sommers

Jimmy Sommers is known to the world as a fantastic musician. He is a public figure as well as an entrepreneur. Jimmy Sommers currently holds the position of chief executive officer as well as president of a knit wear brand for women.

This knit wear brand initiated by our very own he is known to be inspired by vintage of the Los Angeles. Jimmy Sommers has taken this brand name to peak. It is very famous as Jimmy Sommers Wildfox.

As a musician:

If the list of hottest world’s smooth jazz circuit will be prepared, the name of Jimmy Sommers will surely lie at the top. He is not only famous for his solo albums but is a reknown musician who has prepared a number of music ventures. His first album named as James Caf√© was released in 1999.

With the record breaking release of this album,he gained a position in top 20 new adult contemporary singles. He is surely the hottest musicians of time. the world will always know Jimmy Sommers as Jazz Saxophonist.

In one of the earliest interviews, he told that he has a never ending love for instruments since he was in grade school. He is the person who released six hit list albums during his tenure as a musician.

All of these albums were high sellers of their period. With every releasing album,He wrote a legendary history in musical world. One of his music ventureis known as Sunset collective. In this particular album, Jimmy Sommers can be seen with a large number of people having different music backgrounds.

As an entrepreneur:

The success of music career was never enough for Jimmy Sommers. He had more plans and needed to work on that. To fulfill his dreams and to amaze his fans even more, he started his own entrepreneurship. He started a business in venture and now running it in sole proprietorship.

This business which is known as Jimmy Sommers Wildfox was launched in 2007. With the sparkling start and successful running, Jimmy Sommers is now considered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of time. Interestingly, He did not stop at this entrepreneurial business but is also one of the owner of a Hollywood Hotspot which is known as Koi La.

Wildfox as a brand:

This brand of knit wear was established in 2007. Jimmy Sommers Wildfox got its fame due to its campaigns, quality of fabric and the clothes. Wildfox brand offers a variety of knit wear products including skirts, soft knitted sweaters, tops, laces, dresses, velour, attires, sequins and chiffons.

Much time has not been passed, since the advent of this brand but it has achieved a lot. The achievements did not end here as Jimmy Sommers the CEO of wildfox announced another brand as wildfox kids in 2009. Wildfox sell its products in more than 30 countries.


  1. Jimmy Sommers is a musician as well as Chief Executive Officer and President of vintage inspired knitwear brand for women in Los Angeles, named Jimmy Sommers Wildfox. He is one of the hottest names in the list of world’s smooth jazz circuit.

  2. Jimmy Sommers was first stricken with saxophone when he was still a school student residing in his native region of Chicago. "The sax just seemed so cool" said Sommers when he was asked to reminisce of the days gone by. His attachment to the saxophone escalated to zenith as his name is one of the most renowned in the smooth jazz fraternity.